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The strong commitment, trust and voice of philanthropists like you is what enables us to continue our work to protect our planet and build a future in which we live in harmony with nature.

There are different ways for philanthropic donors to support WWF and create lasting conservation impact. When you make a significant gift, you will receive regular and bespoke updates, so you know how your money is invested and how it helps generate conservation results. We look forward to partnering with you in the fight for our world.

WWF conservation custodian categories

Who are the conservation custodians?

  • A group of like-minded influential people connected through their real concern for the natural world.

  • The WWF Conservation Custodians recognise the threats facing our planet and life on Earth and believe in WWF SA’s abilities to find solutions to the growing environmental concerns.

  • As a member of the WWF Conservation Custodians, you make an annual base donation, allowing us to deploy resources where they are most needed in times of new opportunities, urgent threats and conservation of species or landscapes that are vital links in the web of life.

  • This annual donation opens a host of exclusive benefits and conservation experiences to the donor.

  • Providing core support contributes to the overall ability of the organization to build robust institutional structures and systems which enable smooth operations and help us in responding to the changing needs of the environment.

  • We believe in long-lasting relationships with our donors, supporters and partners that are built on trust and deep engagement. As a WWF Conservation Custodian, you are part of WWF SA’s extended family and will be engaged through the year in the following ways to honour your trust in us and recognize your generous support, based on your donation amount:


Benefits of being a WWF conservation custodians

STORIES: Regular communication on success stories from the field which showcase how our conservation projects are making progress on ground and how your donation has helped

INVITATIONS: Special invites to WWF events – movie screenings, volunteering opportunities for friends and family members, expert talks, gala dinners, cocktail evenings

FIELD TRIPS: An invitation to field trips led by WWF experts and conservationists with other members and supporters to our project sites to witness the action on-ground*.
* Field trip participants pay all costs associated with the trip.

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